Chicken and poultry dishes

Chicken has to be one of the most versatile meats – we have it so frequently, and with so much variety.  Check out these recipes for some chicken (and turkey) inspiration.

Indian chicken (Whole30)

Nacho taco dippos (can be Whole30)

Avocado chicken zoodles (Whole30)

Chicken pot pie (Paleo)

Creamy chicken risotto
Chicken risotto (can be Whole30)

Creamy paprika chicken (Whole30)

Mango chicken pizza

Orange chicken

Pineapple chicken stir fry (Whole30)

Satay chicken potato pizza

Thai almond chicken curry (Whole30)

Turkey avocado burger (Whole30)

Turkey meatballs (Whole30)

Chicken vegetable soup (Whole30)

Aji de gallina
Aji de gallina (can be Whole30)

Bacon wrapped peachy chicken (Whole30)

Crispy chicken tacos (can be Paleo)

Chicken shawarma (Whole30)

Bacon wrapped turkey cutlets (Whole30)

Chicken and chorizo paella
Chicken and chorizo paella

Turkey koftas (can be Whole30)

Cashew chicken parmigiana (Whole30)

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