Salads can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  I have a number of go-to recipes when someone asks me to bring a salad somewhere – and then I just have a number of salads that I enjoy myself (not really family favorites).  But they are chock full of veggies and fill you up lots too!


Avocado salad (Whole30)

Broccoli and bacon salad (Whole30)

Berry spinach salad (Whole30)

Pumpkin spinach salad (Whole30)

Quinoa and veggie salad (vegan)

Salmon and avocado salad (Whole30)

Spinach orange salad (vegetarian)

Spinach peach salad (can be Whole30)

Spanish potato salad (can be Whole30)

Turkey taco salad (can be Whole30)

Potato and egg salad (Whole30)

Spicy Thai cucumber salad (vegan)

Tomato cucumber salad

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