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Cooking with kids

Welcome to a new focus for ‘Cook at home’.  As some of you may have read, I’ve  been struggling a little recently with the ‘pressure’ of having to cook many things for the US National Food Day Challenge – things that I don’t necessarily want to make, or eat, but have done so … and eaten way too much while doing so.  So I decided to take a break (read more here).  I decided to re-focus my attentions on cooking what I wanted to make, and spending more time with the family, rather than in the kitchen by myself for most of every weekend.  

So I decided to give the kids some ‘Mummy-Abby’ and ‘Mummy-Henry’ time each weekend.  When I asked Abby what she wanted to do during this time, she immediately said to bake with me.  So she went through my recipe folder and wrote out a list of all the things she wants to make with me.  Every Friday we have a family movie night, so most of these things will be made for that purpose.  If we have a need to bring something to a potluck, that can also come off her list.  So far (in 3 weeks) it’s proved lots of fun and I’ve enjoyed spending time with my soon-to-be teenager daughter.

And it was during one of those times this week, that I thought I could share these experiences with you.  All the recipes are tried and true, so it will be like re-visiting oldies but goodies!  Come with me and Abby in our Mummy-daughter adventure!

PS Henry is still trying to figure out what he wants to do during his time with me!


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