Who knew that dairy-free ice cream could be easy to make, yummy to eat and cheaper than what you can buy in the grocery store?  Thanks to my awesome ice cream maker, I’ve been coming up with a whole pile of dairy-free ice cream recipes that range from sorbets, ice cream and gelato.  Here’s what I think the difference is:

  • Sorbet – generally does not contain any milk, mostly fruit based.
  • Ice cream – generally contains milk and cream.
  • Gelato – generally a custard-based mixture using egg yolks, milk and cream.

Obviously there may be some mixtures that go across these boundaries, but that’s how I’m going to categorize my recipes.  Sound good?


Mango banana sorbet (no refined sugar, vegan)

Coconut lime sorbet (vegan)

Ice creams:

Almond butter fudge swirl ice cream (Paleo)

Chocolate banana peanut butter ice cream (vegan, no refined sugar)

Chocolate ice cream (no refined sugar)

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream (no refined sugar, vegan)

Peanut butter choc chip ice cream (vegan)


Vanilla choc fudge swirl gelato


Other dairy-free frozen desserts:

Apple peanut butter smoothie

Double chocolate frappe

Banana peanut butter ‘ice cream’