Here’s a couple of interesting sauces, seasonings and marinades that we’ve found to be really yummy with a number of different combinations – see what you think and let me know!


Ketchup (Whole30)

Mayonnaise (Whole30)

BBQ sauce (Paleo, vegan)



Pesto (Whole30)

Roast meat gravy (Whole30)

Red pepper hummus (vegan)


Zucchini dip

Zucchini dip (Whole30, vegan)

Tzatziki (Whole30, vegan)

Strawberry coconut jam (no added sugar)


Marinades, seasonings and dressings

Marinated BBQ pork chops (Paleo)

Taco seasoning (Whole30)

Peanut satay sauce (vegan)

Honey soy citrus marinade

Thai almond curry sauce (Paleo)

Bolognese sauce (Whole30)

Balsamic mustard salad dressing

Honey tamari marinade

Cilantro lime salmon (Whole30)