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‘Toothless’ cupcakes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about cooking with kids, but do not fear, the kids and I have been spending a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen together.  Our regular ‘kids cooking’ night has gotten a lot of good feedback – especially when we’ve invited someone around and the kids […]

Pizza and monster cookies

What do pizza and monster cookies have to do with each other?  Well, that’s the combination that Abby and Henry came up with this week for their turn at cooking dinner for us. Abby asked me at the beginning of the week what Italian food I could have, being on the Whole30 and such, and […]

Our weekly routine

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about cooking with kids.  Maybe you think I’ve forgotten about them?  Well, I haven’t.  And they’ve been cooking up a storm! You see, we’ve started a new routine in our house.  Once a week, the kids cook us a meal.  One week Abby cooks the main course and […]

Empanadas in America

It’s been a while since Abby and I got to spend any time together – not just in the kitchen but just anywhere.  Life has suddenly just got busier for our family – we spent most weekends during the summer paving our backyard (to reduce the amount of lawn we need to mow), and that […]

Cupcakes or donuts?

Welcome back to cooking with kids!  It’s been a while, but Abby hasn’t stopped coming up with new and interesting ideas for me to test out in the kitchen.  Sometimes she helps.  Sometimes she doesn’t.   I think her watching of food shows has slowed recently – but she’s still got a few crazy combinations of […]

Cooking the recipe book – part 1

As mentioned previously, Abby mentioned that she wanted to cook through my recipe book (a.k.a this website).  It’s taken a while for me to download these photos so I could tell you all about the experiences, but hope it’s worth the wait! Fortunately for me, my recipe book is organized with breakfast items first, so I […]

Henry and his banana cake

For those of you keeping up with these posts, you will realize that most of these are all about what Abby and I get up to in the kitchen, for Mummy-Abby time.  Well, Henry surprised me yesterday by saying he wanted to make something with me.  A few months ago he decided to get creative […]

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