For those of you keeping up to date with my adventures in the kitchen with Abby, you will remember that we made a chocolate peanut butter pie for Mother’s Day (read more here).  And that it wasn’t the greatest because I played around with the recipe a lot to try to get it a little more healthy.  Don’t get me wrong, I still liked it – it just wasn’t the same as other chocolate peanut butter pies I’ve made before and eaten, and enjoyed more.  So this week, Abby suggested (!) that we follow the recipe a little more closely, and make it like I used to.

However, when I have made this recipe before, that was before all the gluten and lactose intolerance discoveries, so I did have to change it … slightly!

For the crust: Chocolate peanut butter cookies (see recipe here) – we baked the cookies as per the recipe, than Abby had great fun squishing them in a ziploc bag to make the crumbs.  We then pushed the crumbs into a greased pie tin (with our fingers of course) and tried to get it as even as possible.  And the fact that there were some cookies left over?  Well, they didn’t stay left over for long, if you get my drift!

For the peanut butter layer: Creamy peanut butter mixed with icing/powdered/confectioner’s sugar (depending on which country you are in).  Mixed together very well with Abby’s fingers, until it resembled coarse cornmeal, or breadcrumbs.  Oh yeah, that was also yummy when we taste-tested, just to make sure it was worth using!

For the chocolate layer: Basic cream pie filling (see recipe here) with an additional 3 tablespoons of cocoa to make it nice and chocolate-y.  Substitutions so I could eat the finished product: almond milk, my gluten-free flour mix (see conversion table here), and dairy-free shortening.

And the end result?

2015-05-31 Chocolate peanut butter pieLooks pretty good, if I do say so myself!  And the cream on the side was from a chilled tin of coconut milk, then the solid parts whipped in an electric mixer with a bit of vanilla. 

Overall, if you didn’t know it was gluten and dairy free, it was pretty good.  Grant could tell the difference based on previous times I’ve made it with all the gluten and lactose-containing ingredients, but it was still not a bad effort to make it so I could enjoy it!

And Abby and I had lots of fun making it, eating during making it and eating after it was made.  And that’s all that really matters!

Hope you had fun reading about my adventures in the kitchen with Abby.  Remember you can comment on anything you see here on the website, you can subscribe to get updated recipes (watch out for a few new ones coming your way in the next few weeks) and follow me via Twitter (@sarahcookathome) – I love hearing from you!

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!



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