Mother’s Day weekend

Happy Mother’s Day!  Especially to my mum …

I got thoroughly spoiled this weekend, with lots of kids in the kitchen time.  Let me take you through a run-down of how it all went:

Saturday breakfast (in bed):

2015-05-09 Pancakes

The kids found some gluten-free pancake mix on special at the local grocery store while they were out shopping for other presents and decided to make some for me.  I wanted it slightly healthy so requested some blueberries and strawberries with some 100% maple syrup.  So both kids were involved in the cooking of these …  And Henry made it into a smiley-face – how sweet!  Unfortunately, with the fruit cooked into the pancakes, they didn’t cook all the way through so I ended up eating some dough … things we do for our kids!

Saturday lunch: we went out to an Indian buffet restaurant where I knew I could get some really good gluten-free stuff.  And the kids and Grant could eat to their hearts content.  I’ve learned to stay away from the buffets due to the possibility of contamination with gluten-containing foods, but the food I got off the menu was great!  And Abby and I had made a chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert, adapted from this recipe (here).

2015-05-09 Chocolate peanut butter pie

Looked impressive, and no refined sugar as well!  Unfortunately the peanut butter layer was a little bland and there was too much of it in proportion to the rest of the ingredients, so it wasn’t really a winner.  I’m still learning about all this stuff, so I guess I should expect some failures!

Sunday lunch:

Abby wanted to cook lunch for me, so she chose my favorite creamy broccoli and bacon pasta (recipe here), with all the substitutes to make it gluten and dairy-free.

2015-05-10 Bacon & broccoli pasta

I liked the pasta – Grant was concerned that there wasn’t enough sauce since we had to use the coconut milk ‘cream’ instead of actual cream, but I thought it was great.  Abby did a great job mostly cooking it all by herself, with a little help from Grant of course!

And Henry REALLY wanted to make a cake for me – so when they were out shopping he found a gluten-free chocolate cake mix that he made with Grant.  

2015-05-10 Henry's chocolate cakeThis actually didn’t taste too bad.  And we found some 99% lactose free ice cream on special, so that just topped it off nicely!

I am so spoiled by my awesome children – and they had fun cooking in the kitchen this weekend too, so everyone wins.

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!



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