Update – January 2014 #3

Peaches, peaches and more peaches.  Our backyard has two peach trees that have just started producing really yummy, really ripe peaches.  And the question was, what should I do with them?  I can find lots of recipes for peach crumbles, peach cobblers, etc, but wanted to branch out into using peaches more in the main meal.  And I found this salad recipe – it was awesome!  And the dressing is amazing as well!!

Spinach peach salad

I also had a craving for hamburgers, but had run out of gluten-free bread (and didn’t want to pay the outrageously high price for GF bread that tastes more cake-like than bread).  I had this recipe from last year so thought I’d try it again – and it worked well enough to hold the hamburger fillings, as well as a number of other sandwich varieties I tried with the rest of the bread.  The kids also thought it was pretty tasty with jam and cream – kind of a pseudo-pancake.

Cloud bread

One day I came home from work and had a serious chocolate craving, but my husband and I are trying to eat relatively healthy during the week (trying to combat the Christmas over-indulgences!).  I love chocolate no-bake cookies but most of them have oats in them, which need to be gluten-free for me, and are not available in Chile.  So I found this recipe and adapted it slightly to make use of what I had in the cupboards and it was absolutely delicious!  Really fudgey and yummy … healthy in the sense that it uses all natural ingredients and has no added sugar – not low calorie …!

Healthy chocolate fudge nut slice

Other new recipes that I’ve added to the website, that are tried and true (by me only, since no one else in my family likes pumpkin!) include:

Please feel free to comment on any of the recipes here – I’d love to hear your feedback!

Cheers, Sarah


One thought on “Update – January 2014 #3

  1. Still working on a sort of scone recipe that will work as a base for strawberry shortcake. I tried using baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), but that left a horrible taste. Did buy some gluten-free baking powder today. Will have another go. The photo was lovely.

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