‘Joy’ almond citrus cupcakes

Another weekend, and another batch of cupcakes, dreamed up by Abby, based on some concoction that did well in Cupcake Wars.

So this week we made citrus almond cupcakes.  The cake recipe was based on my honey almond cake recipe (see here) that I’ve always had great success with.  We added in some orange zest, thanks to a suggestion from one of my friends who had some of the original cake (thanks Jess!).  For the frosting, we made a simple buttercream frosting, with some orange juice in it, then decorated with colored frosting, candy pearls and a sliced almond.  Abby called them her ‘pumpkin’ cupcakes.

Well, actually no, Abby wanted to relate these to one of the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), so because eating oranges gives people joy, these were the ‘Joy’ cupcakes.  See for yourself!

2015-10-24 'Joy' almond citrus cupcakes

I think they look pretty cool!  And they tasted awesome as well!

Every time Abby watches the Cupcake Wars, I get a little scared at what she would like to do next.  On her list, that I can remember, includes things like savory cupcakes with jalapeno cream cheese, green tea cupcakes …. eeek!  Wish me luck you all!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures in the kitchen with Abby.  Remember if you like this website to pass it onto your friends and family, and get them to sign up if they want the recipes as soon as I post new ones!

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!


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