Wk 28 (Dec 17 – 23)

Week 28 is now over … 4 out of 7 done this week, AND I think they were all ok! Leave a comment to let me know what you think of my quest!

December 17 – National Maple Syrup Day

2014-12-17 Maple roast sweet potatoes I wanted to do something a little different to just making pancakes and slathering them with maple syrup, although the thought did cross my mind several times!  Instead I roasted some sweet potatoes (love sweet potatoes!) and then a maple syrup glaze.  It worked ok, but I think it was better on the white potatoes that the rest of the family had (didn’t get a picture of those, though!)

December 18 – National Roast Suckling Pig Day

Thought this one sounded just a little too hard for li’l ol’ me!

 December 19 – National Hard Candy Day

Didn’t really want to make some hard candy, and it kind of defeats the purpose of this challenge to buy things like this, so another rest day for me!

December 20 – National Fried Shrimp Day

I would have loved to have had some fried shrimp today, but if I made it, I would be the only one eating it … and that didn’t really appeal to me.

December 21– National Hamburger Day

I absolutely love hamburgers.  But it’s always the issue of the bun – buying gluten free buns isn’t quite the same as having the choices available to the rest of the world.  And since I’ve just gone through a bit of a health-kick (read more here), I didn’t really want to eat things that were highly processed.  So I made my burger (recipe here) and used roast sweet potato as the ‘bun’ (see, I told you I loved sweet potato!).  It was an awesome combination and one I may use more frequently in the future. 2014-12-21 Hamburger

December 22- Date Nut Bread Day

2014-12-22 Date nut bread There was a Date Nut Bread Day a few months ago and I made the recipe that the calendar linked to.  This time, Abby asked if I could make the sticky date pudding that she loves (recipe here).  Abby hates all other varieties of dried fruit, so I felt a little obligated to do this for her!.  So I added some pecans to the recipe, to make it dates AND nuts, and then ate it without the sauce on top.  It actually was pretty good just as a bread!

December 23 – National Pfeffernuesse Day

When Grant asked me to find his ideal gingerbread cookie, I stumbled across this recipe and made it as part of the challenge.  Since it wasn’t quite what he was after, I didn’t worry about it, but resurrected it for this Day.  And, because I wanted to experiment, used some applesauce instead of the egg in the recipe (that way I could make a half-batch!).  They were good – the family loved them and they went very quickly! 2014-12-23 Pfeffernusse

 Coming up next week:

  • December 24: National Egg Nog Day 
  • December 25: National Pumpkin Pie Day
  • December 26: National Candy Cane Day
  • December 27: National Fruit Cake Day
  • December 28: National Chocolate Candy Day
  • December 29: Pepper Pot Day
  • December 30: National Champagne Day

Stay tuned to see which ones I choose to make/eat and how successful (or not) I am! 

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