Wk 1 (June 11-17)

June 11 – German Chocolate Cake Day

German chocolate cake
German chocolate cake

I didn’t actually know what constituted a German Chocolate Cake, but found this recipe for a mini cake here.  As interesting as it was, I don’t think I’ll be making it again, or adding it to this website.  The frosting was made of pecans, dates, honey and a bit of icing (powdered) sugar … as Grant put it, it seemed a bit confused!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing the recipe, I just don’t think I’ll be making it again!

June 12 – Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Seeing this day in the list was actually what inspired me to do this challenge.  Peanut butter cookies … yum!  So, while I have many peanut butter cookie recipes (see my post on the day), I wanted to make something special in honour of this holiday.  And these two recipes are amazing – Sally’s peanut butter chocolate cookies are chocolate, gooey heaven with just a hint of peanut butter in the actual cookie, which is why there’s the peanut butter swirl on top.  And how could anything be more American than the combination of peanut butter and jam?  Just a little strange that this recipe comes from an Englishman …

June 13 – Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Hmmm … not sure about this …!  I managed to cook today without breaking something, so maybe I didn’t take this national day to heart as much as I could have … but maybe that’s not such a bad thing!

June 14 – Strawberry Shortcake Day

2014-06-14 Glazed strawberry bread
Glazed strawberry bread

Instead of strawberry shortcake, I decided to try my hand at a strawberry bread.  This recipe came from Sally’s Baking Addiction (here) – I love her website!  This was a yummy cake, light and fluffy but may have benefited from a little more spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg etc.

June 15 – Lobster Day

Since no one in my family is a big fan of seafood, let alone lobsters, thought I’d miss this one!  But I did watch Masterchef Australia, where lobster was one of the main ingredients they had to use in their challenge today!

June 16 – Fudge Day

Gingerbread fudge
Gingerbread fudge

I love fudge!  I have a number of fudge recipes already on this website, but thought I’d change it up a bit and try something different.  So I took the really easy fudge recipe (basically chocolate and condensed milk, recipe here) and added the spices typical of gingerbread, as an attempt to recover from my failure at gingerbread fudge a few weeks ago.  It was better than the attempt previously, but still not quite there.

June 17 – Fresh Veggies Day

Fresh veggies
Fresh veggies

See – these days aren’t just all about sweets!  Today was Fresh Veggies Day, where the idea is to eat fresh veggies for every meal.  Above is a photo of all the veggies I ate today … starting with spinach and tomato in an omelette, carrots and celery as a snack and cabbage and sprouts in rice paper rolls for the evening meal.  This quest may end up being healthy for me after all!

Coming up next week:

  • June 18: International Sushi day / International Picnic day / National Cherry Tart day
  • June 19: National Dry Martini day
  • June 20: National Vanilla Milkshake day
  • June 21: National Peaches and Cream day
  • June 22: National Onion Rings day / National Chocolate Éclair day
  • June 23: National Pecan Sandy day
  • June 24: National Pralines day

Stay tuned to see which ones I choose to make/eat and how successful (or not) I am! 

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