Update – January 2014 #2

I’ve had a bit more time at hand this month so I’ve been able to try and post more recipes.  All of these have worked absolutely fantastically  – I’m on a roll with successes at the moment!

Check out these for some new ideas!

Breakfast ideas:                 Pseudo-Bircher muesli

Slices:                                   Rocky Road slice

Cakes & other desserts:    White chocolate berry baked cheesecake

Sauces:                                 Honey tamari marinade

I’m also on a quest to find the best chocolate peanut butter slice recipe – so I’ve tried these combinations:

Attempt #1               I used flourless peanut butter cookies (1 batch), processed and added a little melted butter (approx 50g) to form the base, then put the Chocolate peanut butter slice recipe on top.  Worked well, but didn’t put enough melted butter in the crust so it was a little crumbly.  I also added about 1 tbs cream in with the milk chocolate for the top – not quite the soft, but hard, texture I was after.

Attempt #2               I used the ‘graham cracker crust’ for the base, then a peanut butter pudding recipe (I need to add this recipe to the site) for the filling.  I topped it with melted milk chocolate and cream, but had way too much cream so it didn’t set very well.

Comparisons between attempts #1 and #2 had about equal favourites – I handed samples of both of these around to a group of friends for their opinions.  I personally couldn’t choose between the two, but realise I could have improved on both (and will try …!)

Attempt #3               I found a recipe for frozen chocolate peanut butter pie at food.com and made some chocolate peanut butter cookies for the base, and thought it was interesting since it used sour cream in the peanut butter filling.  I used a normal pie tin, but found that I really needed to put some baking paper down before pressing the base down (melted butter didn’t really assist in the removal of the slices).  Also, the pie tin was too wide, so the filling was very thin – could have worked much better in a smaller tin and having thicker toppings.

Attempt #4               My Husband and I adapted our widely successful cookies & cream cheesecake slice recipe to having the flourless peanut butter cookies for a base, and for being chopped up through the cheesecake bit, then added milk chocolate instead of white chocolate into the cheesecake, plus about 1 tbs cocoa. Very more-ish!

Comparison between attempts #3 and #4 has #4 winning from all who tried both!

We have more ideas about things to try, especially on the cheesecake front, but am always open for other ideas on the slices as well!

Hope you enjoy!!

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