The debate between almond butter and peanut butter

Almond butter vs peanut butter – which do you prefer?

Almond butter vs peanut butter - which do you prefer? #almondbutter

It’s an age old question.  Well, not really!  In a battle of almond butter vs peanut butter, which would win for you?

I love my peanut butter.  SO MUCH!  For breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks in between.  So much so, that I love finding new ideas on how to use it!  But I know there’s many people around the world that are allergic to peanuts, my own father included.  And I also know that if I have too much peanut butter (which can sometimes often happen) my stomach rebels against me.  So I thought about how I could incorporate more almond butter, and other nut butters, even nut-free butters, into my life.

Now it’s pretty easy for any recipe that calls for peanut butter to just do a quick substitution with almond butter.  But I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite recipes using almond butter – that are awesome in their own right.

Note that I have received some free products from Crazy Richards Peanut Butter company for use in my Instagram giveaway, which is why I used photos of their products above.  I love Crazy Richards Peanut butter, and love working with them, but have not received any other payment from them apart from a few free jars of peanut and almond butters!

Almond butter in granola

Egg white granola (Paleo, no added sugar)
Almond blueberry granola (Paleo)








Lets start out nice and simple – with something that I make ALL the time.  And that’s granola.  I love having a good nut butter to help bind all the fruit and nuts together before putting in the oven, so check out the egg white granola, and the almond blueberry granola recipes!

Almond butter in savory dishes

Thai almond curry sauce (Paleo)
Thai almond chicken curry (Whole30)








Now I realize that both of these dishes are a  Thai curry.  But really, almond butter just makes the sauce so creamy and yummy!  Give them a go and see what you think – either just the sauce, or the full meal with chicken, sweet potatoes and zucchini with a slightly different Thai almond curry sauce.

Almond butter in breads

Paleo bread
Flourless bread (Paleo)
English muffins (Paleo)










Did you know that you can use nut butter to make breads and muffins?  Check out the bread recipe, which doesn’t use ANY flour at all – just some almond butter, eggs, apple cider vinegar and baking soda.  Seriously, that’s all you’ll need!  Or if you’re in the mood for some English muffins, see how easy it is to make these at home too!

Almond butter cookies

Triple almond raisin cookies (Paleo, vegan)
Apple spice cookies (Paleo)










It wouldn’t be a post from me if there wasn’t some sweets included, now would it.  So lets talk about some of the options available to you using almond butter in cookies.  Of course, there’s others, such as almond coconut cookies and almond chocolate chip cookies and chocolate almond butter cookies, but these two are probably my favorite.  Check out the triple almond raisin cookies recipe to find out just what makes up the three almond ingredients.  And the apple spice cookies recipe is awesome for when I have apples waiting to be used up …!

Almond butter as a dairy-free caramel

Chocolate caramel slice (Paleo, no added sugar)
Banana caramel pie
Banana caramel pie (Paleo)









What I love about almond butter in baking is that when you combine it with dates, it gives a really caramel taste.  It’s like heaven on a spoon, because you know you have to taste it while baking, to make sure it tastes okay to keep going on making the finished product.  Or is that just me?  These are two of my favorite combinations of dates and almond butter – a yummy chocolate caramel slice with only dates as the sweetener, and our childhood favorite banana caramel pie, made Paleo!

Almond butter as a dessert

Paleo chocolate cream pies
Chocolate cream mini-pies (Paleo)
Carrot pineapple cake (Paleo, no added sugar)








Yes, we can use almond butter in lots of snack-type foods, but what about putting it center stage as the main dessert?  The chocolate cream mini-pies are awesome for kids and adults alike when you are entertaining, and the carrot pineapple cake is a real showstopper when you have the opportunity to decorate the frosting (simply coconut cream with a little vanilla and cinnamon).  And the taste of each of these is just amazing – check them out!

Of course you can feel free to check out almond butter in other slices and cakes, such as the almond butter cream slice, triple almond brownies, sweet potato brownies, fudgy pumpkin brownies, and chocolate mint brownies (can you see I also like the combination of almond butter in brownies?), avocado chocolate cake and even some energy balls with chia seeds!

Almond butter vs peanut butter – which would you choose?

While peanut butter will always hold a soft spot in my heart, almond butter is definitely showing its good side to me.  But which do you prefer?  Almond butter vs peanut butter – let me know in the comments below – and if you’ve got any other almond butter recipe recommendations or suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with almond butter!


Almond butter vs peanut butter - which do you prefer? #almondbutter

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