Update – January 2014 #1

I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients for a lot of my ‘classic’ recipes:

Aji de gallina – instead of using a whole loaf of gluten-free bread for the sauce, we’ve found that poaching the chicken in milk, then coating with aji amarillo paste and cream works just as well, and much easier!  Thanks to my husband for working this one out xx

Cookies & cream cheesecake slice – we tried this with gluten-free ginger nut biscuits for the base, and then blueberries in the filling instead of Oreo cookies.  Very more-ish, we’d pay money for a slice of it!

Chickpea chocolate peanut butter cookies – I found some chickpea flour and thought I could just substitute the actual chickpeas with the flour.  It worked ok, but needed an additional tablespoon of honey to avoid them being too crumbly.

Almond chocolate chip cookies – again, wanting to see what chickpea flour could do so I substituted the almond meal for 1.25 cups of chickpea flour.  Also cooked for less time than the almond recipe called for.  The overall taste was interesting, but still edible.  I’m not sure if I’d try this again, though!

Rice flour pancakes – Another trial for the chickpea flour.  I used 1/4 cup of chickpea flour to 1 egg and 1/4 cup of milk.  The pancakes were a lot less runny but possibly a little too dense.  Gives me some ideas for further experimentation.

I’ve also added a few little tips and tricks that may help you in your cooking – feel free to let me know if you have others!

There’s lots of new recipes that I’ve added, and as I have time, I’ll keep adding more.  Hope you enjoy trying them out!!



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