Successes … and failures (kind of)

I had a number of successes this week .. and some failures that weren’t actually that bad.


  • Really soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies (recipe here)
  • Really soft and chewy peanut butter cookies (recipe here)
  • Arroz con leche – rice pudding – with cranberries instead of raisins (recipe here)


  • Flourless chocolate chip cookies – using walnuts, almonds, honey, egg and vanilla – this was ok, but not really a cookie.  Might try it as a slice next time.
  • Lebkuchen – German christmas cookie – yes, I’m still trying to find the recipe for the elusive cookie for Grant.  This one he has said the taste was there, and the texture (YAY!), but I had all sorts of problems getting it into a dough that I could knead and roll out.  I ended up just baking it in a big round circle, then cutting it after baked.  So it still needs a bit of work before I’ll post it on this website.

And a heads up for the gluten-intolerant of us – check your icing mixture packets.  I had just finished icing the lebkuchen, had a spoonful of the leftover icing (as you do) and started feeling crook … because the icing mixture I used contained wheat.  Who would have thought?

Thank you to those of you who have started commenting on my recipes – keep the comments coming!

Until next time – enjoy cooking at home!



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