This weekend I wanted to try something new with some of my recipes.  Just some small changes to various aspects based on stuff I’ve read and seen on the Internet.  Some worked, some didn’t!


Chocolate peanut butter jam cookies

Flourless peanut butter jam cookies

Recipe: Chocolate almond butter cookie

Changes:  Peanut butter instead of almond butter, jam on top before baking. 

Result: Pretty dry, Grant suggested making them half-size so you could put them straight in your mouth and get the sweetness of the jam to complement the yumminess of the chocolate and peanut butter combination. 


Chocolate peanut butter cookie sliceChocolate peanut butter cookie slice

The original recipe that I got this from stated it served either 10 kids, or one very tired and stressed mother. Even with my love of chocolate and peanut butter, I would struggle to eat all of it (especially in one sitting)!

Recipe:  Peanut butter cookies

Changes:  Crushed cookies into small pieces, melted chocolate, butter and peanut butter together and mixed in crushed cookies.

Result: It was really difficult to slice easily, and I didn’t get any really nice looking pieces, but ultimately, it just comes down to how it tastes.  And in my humble opinion, how can you go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter together? 

Carrot cake

Carrot cake

Carrot cake

Recipe: Carrot cake

Changes: Almonds instead of hazelnuts, doubled the amount of mixed spice

Result: It was delicious.  Really moist and tasty.  I only made a half-batch, but between the four of us in the family, we cleaned it up in just one sitting – it was that yummy!


I had been hanging out to try making a rice pudding – the recipe looked so easy and the pictures looked so delicious.  But, it didn’t work.  It was a peanut butter rice pudding from Chocolate Covered Katie, but I changed it … probably a little too much.  I didn’t use peanut butter, I substituted honey for the sugar and raisins for the chocolate chips.  It just tasted like soggy rice.  I remember reading that she doesn’t guarantee her recipes work if you try to substitute things … this is definitely evidence of that!  So, it’s nothing against the actual recipe, just my interpretation of it.  If any of you have rice pudding recipes that work, please let me know!

Other recipes I tried this weekend:

Recipes are available on this website for the pasta and the chocolate prune bars (no changes this weekend).  The oat slice changed from being an apple oat slice (using strawberry jam instead of pie apples) and the banana bread actually changed from being pear and granola muffins …!  Please let me know if you’d be interested in these recipes being put on the website – I may have to try them a few more times before I’m happy with my changes!

As always, please feel free to leave a suggestion or comment (starting to think that no one reads this due to the lack of feedback …!) and if you like the recipes please enter your e-mail to subscribe for the updates and let your family and friends know about it.

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home.


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