I’m giving you the opportunity to have a say in what recipe I next post on this website.  I’ve done a reasonable amount of baking this weekend, although I’ve tried to make it a little healthier i.e. less added sugar, more natural ingredients.  And what I’d like to know is whether any of these finished products should be worthy of being included on this website.  Vote for the recipe you’d like to see in a comment below and I’ll see which one gets the most (if any!

Chewy ginger snaps

And in my quest for Grant’s ultimate gingerbread cookie, I made these.  These cookies were soft and chewy, loads of spice (I doubled the amount in the recipe).  Grant has said that he’d eat these quite happily, but it’s still not what he’s after.  What he’s looking for is some German gingerbread cookies that usually come out around Christmas time, dusted with icing sugar (or something else).  Any comments/suggestions greatly appreciated!



So that’s it from me for now.  Please leave comments/suggestions so I know that you’re actually reading these posts and/or trying the recipes!  And if you like what you read, please sign up for updated recipes when I post them.  And share the website with your family and friends – the more the merrier!

Until then, enjoy cooking at home,



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