Puddings, fudge and other desserts

Here’s a list of recipes that I couldn’t figure out where to categorize them … but they are all yummy and great either as snacks or for a great dessert at the end of a great meal!


Peanut butter fudge

The easiest fudge recipe ever

Chocolate date fudge (Paleo, no added sugar)

Pumpkin peanut butter fudge

Chocolate peanut butter fudge


Puddings, pies and other desserts

Apple crumble

Worms in the mud

Peach cobbler

Arroz con leche (rice pudding)

Chocolate self-saucing pudding

Fruit mince pies

Basic cream pie filling

Cookie dough truffles


White chocolate flan

Worms in the mud (dairy-free)

Chocolate chip bread pudding

Lemon meringue pie

Best ever chocolate peanut butter pie


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