Pork dishes

Who knew that pork could be so versatile – from ham, to bacon, to pork chops, to … the options are endless!  Try out some of these pork dishes and let me know what you think!

Egg roll in a bowl (Whole30)

Bacon crusted quiche (Whole30)

Bacon wrapped turkey cutlets (Whole30)

Crustless ham and veggie quiche (Whole30)

Pork chops with fall flavors (Whole30)

Bacon wrapped peachy chicken (Paleo)

Bacon and broccoli fettucine (can be Whole30)

Broccoli and bacon salad (Whole30)

Rice paper rolls

Marinated BBQ pork chops (Paleo)

Bacon crusted pizza quiche (Whole30)

Ham and potato soup

Aussie egg and bacon pizza

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