So here’s some options for the main course … before you get stuck into desserts!  These are all tried and true family favorites, and considering how picky the kids (and Grant) can be – try them and let me know what you think.

Aji de gallina (can be Whole30) Marinated BBQ pork chops (Paleo)
Avocado chicken ‘zoodles’ (Whole30) Nacho taco dippos (can be Whole30)
Bacon crusted quiche (Whole30)  
Bacon wrapped turkey cutlets (Whole30) Orange chicken 
Balsamic glazed roast beef (Paleo) Pineapple chicken stir-fry (Whole30)
Burgers (can be Whole30) Pork chops with fall flavors topping (Whole30)
Cashew chicken parmigiana (Whole30)  Rice paper rolls
Chili con carne (slow cooker) Satay chicken potato pizza 
Cilantro lime salmon (Whole30) Shepherd’s pie   (Whole30)
Creamy bacon and broccoli fettucine Sloppy Joes
Creamy chicken risotto (can be Whole30) Stroganoff baked potatoes (Whole30)
Creamy paprika chicken (Whole30) Sweet potato and sausage hash (Whole30) 
Crispy chicken tacos (can be Whole30) Sweet potato crusted quiche (Whole30)
Crustless ham and veggie quiche (Whole30) Thai beef curry (Whole30)
Empanadas Thai coconut curry (can be Whole30) 
Egg roll in a bowl (Whole30) Thai almond chicken curry (Whole30)
Harvest vegetable beef stew (Whole30) Turkey and avocado burger (can be Whole30)
Irish stew  Turkey koftas (can be Whole30)
Lamb and bacon casserole Turkey meatballs in marinara sauce (Whole30)
 Mango chicken pizza Veggie spaghetti (Whole30)