Today you’re in for a treat, because I got to spend time with both kids in the kitchen this week.  

Abby had suggested we make a pumpkin pie for our weekly Mummy-Abby time, but then Grant had gone and bought me some gluten-free cinnamon rolls that were on special, just to make me feel special.  Unfortunately, the rolls really didn’t taste that good.  He had bought two packs of 4, so now we had 6 large, boring tasting cinnamon rolls that we could either throw out, keep in the freezer to try again at some time, or use them in some way to make something nice out of them.  I chose the latter.  Abby and I made a cinnamon roll pudding – basically cut up the cinnamon rolls, added the sauce and some walnuts, then made a dairy-free custard to kind of simulate a bread pudding.  I tell you, it made the boring tasting cinnamon rolls taste so much better!  

2015-05-02 Abby's cinnamon roll puddingSo what is shown here is my serving of the cinnamon roll pudding with some almond ice cream on top.  It was ok, the flavor was ok, but it wasn’t dazzling.  I don’t think the recipe is a keeper, but at least I now know what I can do with leftover bread products that are either stale or lacking in flavor!

This morning when I got up, Henry said he wanted to surprise the rest of the family with some cookies for breakfast.  I said I didn’t think cookies for breakfast was such a good idea, but he was adamant he wanted to create a recipe that I could use for this website.  Since he’s watched me make stuff a lot, and that I just throw in bits and pieces until it looks right (yes Mum, that comment was just for you!), he wanted to do the same.  I was able to guide him a little bit, but ultimately he made the decision as to how much and what to put in.  The end result?  Well, it was more like a scone (biscuits to the US readers) than a cookie, but it was quite yummy with honey or jam on top.

Henry was quite proud of himself and the outcome.  And the fact that he got to eat the leftover dough.  And that I relented and everyone had one of these at breakfast time (after a bit more healthy food!).  I was proud of Henry for wanting to do something for the family, so he got a tick in his ‘Random Act Of Kindness’ box for the week (earning him a little more pocket money!).  And here is my awesome son with his finished product:

2015-05-02 Henry and biscuits

So we had fun this week cooking with the kids.  I’d love to hear from any of you – just leave comments on any of the recipes or blog posts, and subscribe to get the latest recipes.  

Until next week, which will be Mother’s Day cooking, so I get to dictate what Abby and I make, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!






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