In a similar manner to when we used up the cinnamon rolls that I didn’t really like the taste of. this week we used up some bought chocolate chip muffins.  I really should learn from previous experiences, but maybe I need to stop experimenting in the kitchen for a while.  Maybe I should just follow the recipes without adapting for a while.  Nah!

This week’s recipe was based on our famous cookies and cream cheesecake slice (recipe here), but here are all the changes we made:

  • instead of a full recipe, we only made a half recipe (so we didn’t have leftovers)
  • instead of Oreo cookies, we used the leftover chocolate chip muffins
  • instead of cream, we used chilled coconut milk/cream
  • instead of white chocolate, we used dark chocolate

Unfortunately, since we were only making a half cheesecake, I put in a whole amount of gelatin, so it was very gelatinous … that was my mistake, not Abby’s calculations!  But this is how it turned out:

2015-05-22 Chocolate cheesecake

It looks ok.  It tasted … ok.  Not great, not terrible enough to throw in the bin, but ok.  I think if we had put in a chocolate fudge swirl or something like that, it may have tasted a little more interesting.

Oh yeah, and for those of you curious as to how my current dairy-free diet took the milk contained in this recipe into account?  Well, I tried having some Lactaid – but since I had the cheesecake I’ve been rather toxic at both ends of my body (sorry if that’s too much information!), so I’m not sure whether the medicine worked or not.

I asked Abby what she wanted to make next week – she said chocolate peanut butter pie …  the way I used to make it … without trying to be healthy or experimenting with other ingredients.  I think I’ll take her advice … just this once!

Let me know what you think!

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!


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