‘Holy is the Lord’ cupcakes

Another weekend.  Another batch of cupcakes.  This time it was my idea.  Based on the fact that the cereal I had specifically bought for Abby … she didn’t like.  This was a cereal that was gluten, dairy, nut and other allergen-free, with a lot less sugar than the normal cereals.  Abby said they tasted like Fruit Loops … and she doesn’t like Fruit Loops (what kind of kid doesn’t like Fruit Loops, I ask you?  Maybe it was the lack of sugar?).  Anyway, she wasn’t going to eat them.  And Henry tried them, and didn’t like them either.  I tried them and liked them.  Grant tried them and liked them.  Maybe they were geared more towards adult taste-buds?

So I googled ‘uses for leftover Fruit Loops’ and found a recipe for Fruit Loop cupcakes (who would’ve known others would be in the same situation as me?).  So this weekend I said to Abby that we’d try this recipe, use up the leftover cereal that she didn’t like, so she could go for it with cereal she does like.  Mind you, she’s been having Grant’s Weet-bix all week, which is probably way more healthy than anything else she could have had, so I’m not sure I want her to go back.  Even though the new cereal I did get her, was lower in sugar.  Confused yet?  Welcome to my brain this weekend!!

Anyway, this recipe called for a whole pile of different extracts, that I just couldn’t be bothered going out and buying, for a teaspoon-ful, so we just used vanilla instead.  They turned out … ok.  A little dense, but ok for what they are/were.

2015-11-21 'Holy is the Lord' cupcakes

The frosting is a mixture of our normal buttercream frosting, with some more crushed up cereal and topped with the cereal as well.  I don’t think this recipe will make a re-entrance in our cupcake list, but it was worth a trial.  And the recipe only made 12.  And we’re giving 4 of them away tomorrow.  So that leaves enough for Grant to take to the men’s Bible Study on Monday and that’s it for them!

Hopefully you understand where the Bible context comes from – Holy = hole-y?  Yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but it was Grant’s idea.

So next week, should be totally different and hopefully have a bit better success.  I think it’s supposed to be red velvet cupcakes, or something like that.  Wish us luck!

Until then, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!


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