Henry and his banana cake

For those of you keeping up with these posts, you will realize that most of these are all about what Abby and I get up to in the kitchen, for Mummy-Abby time.  Well, Henry surprised me yesterday by saying he wanted to make something with me.  A few months ago he decided to get creative in the kitchen and made a banana ‘cake’.  Mostly all by himself and mostly by making up the recipe as he went (with only a little help from me).  Yesterday he wanted to re-create it.  So how could I say no?

I think his inspiration was the simple pancake recipe that Grant has taught them well (young grasshoppers!) – see here for his ultimate and easy pancake recipe.  And then because Henry has seen me just try new things in the kitchen, he did the same.  I must admit that I had to remind him to add things like baking powder and other baking essentials, but basically he did really well.  I asked him to write out the recipe for me to share on this website – I was going to type it up for you, but thought I’d just post his recipe as it is:

2016-01-29 Banana cake recipe

Isn’t that so cool?  We had lots of fun trying to remember what he did originally – he really liked the ‘custard’ base that he accidentally achieved the first time round.  And he’s adamant that you don’t turn on the oven until you put the cake in – none of this pre-heating stuff for him!  Anyway, here’s what it looked like at the end (and a friendly snap of Henry to show how proud he was of his creation!):

2016-01-29 Banana cake 2016-01-29 Henry and banana cake

It wasn’t exactly the same as the original but it tasted really good – so good I’ve had about 4 pieces of it in the past day!  So proud of him and I can’t wait for the next Mummy-Henry baking time!

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!

Sarah (and Henry)

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