As most of you know, I have a weakness for cookies.  And a REAL weakness for cookie dough.  So, if I can make healthy cookies with real ingredients, and no refined sugar, I figure I can eat some of the cookie dough at least!

Here’s some recipes for cookies with no refined sugar, if any added sugar at all, as well as some cookie balls or bites or whatever you wish to call them – they’re all yummy!

Energy balls and bites

Chia nut energy balls (Paleo, vegan)

Coconut peanut butter balls (vegan)

Brownie bites (Paleo, vegan)

No bake energy bites (vegan)

No bake oat balls (vegan)

Sunbutter sesame energy balls (Paleo, vegan)

Reece’s peanut butter cups (vegan)


Healthy cookies

Apple spice cookies (Paleo)

Coconut raisin cookies (Paleo, vegan)

Flourless tahini cookies (vegan)

Sunbutter cookies

Sunflower butter cookies (Paleo)

Carrot cake cookies (Paleo)

Triple almond raisin cookies (Paleo, vegan)

Chocolate chip skillet cookie (Paleo)

Chocolate chickpea cookies (vegan)

No bake peanut butter Oreos (vegan)

Peanut butter avocado cookies

Oatmeal granola cookies

Soft molasses cookies (vegan)

Chocolate chip ghee cookies (Paleo)

Ginger cookies

Ginger cookies (Paleo)

Almond chocolate chip cookies (Paleo)

Double peanut butter and jelly cookies

Chickpea chocolate chip cookies (vegan)

Chocolate egg yolk cookies (Paleo)

Ginger cream sandwich cookies

Ginger cream sandwich cookies (Paleo)

Almond coconut cookies (Paleo, vegan)


Pumpkin choc chip cookies

Walnut cranberry cookies (vegan)

Peanut butter and jelly cookies (vegan)

Peanut butter egg yolk cookies

Quinoa peanut butter cookies (vegan)


Pumpkin cranberry cookies (Paleo, vegan)