One thing that always surprises people is just how yummy things without refined sugar can be.  And how simple they are to make.  Try these – you’ll love them, I guarantee it!

Cakes, sweet breads and puddings:

Bran muffins (Paleo, no added sugar)

Banana blueberry bread (vegan, no refined sugar)

Carrot pineapple cake (Paleo, no added sugar)

Strawberry basil muffins (Paleo)

Tahini swirl tea cake (Paleo)

Avocado chocolate cake (Paleo, no added sugar)

Pumpkin brownie bites (Paleo)

Chocolate fudge cake for 2 (Paleo, vegan)

Maple crumb cupcakes (Paleo)

Blueberry muffins (vegan)

Honey almond cake

Carrot walnut bran muffins (Paleo, no added sugar)

Chocolate peanut butter self-saucing pudding

Cake donuts

    • So now you can have your cake … and eat it too!


Other treats:

Chocolate banana pie (top 8 allergen free)

Pumpkin pie with ginger crust (Paleo)

Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake (vegan)

Banana peanut butter ‘ice cream’

Banana caramel pie

Banana caramel pie (vegan, Paleo)

Healthy dark chocolate (Paleo, vegan)

Pecan and date frosting (Paleo, vegan)

Chocolate avocado frosting (Paleo, vegan)

Hot chocolate (Paleo, vegan)

Date sweetened hot chocolate (Paleo, vegan)

Paleo chocolate cream pies

Chocolate cream mini-pies (Paleo)

Strawberry cashew cream pie (Paleo)

Healthy chocolate dip (Paleo, vegan, no added sugar)

Iced matcha latte (Paleo, vegan, no added sugar)