It’s been a busy weekend baking at home with kids.  Henry wanted to make his banana cake again with me (read more here) and it was time for another ‘fruit of the Spirit’ cupcake with Abby.  But, as you may have read last weekend, Abby wants to re-visit a number of our successful recipes as cupcakes and make them into cakes.  We made a slow transition to the larger sized cake with mini-cakes this weekend.

So this recipe was originally a coconut citrus cake with a cream cheese frosting, filled with a passionfruit curd with a bubble sugar, blue shark-fin as a garnish.  Needless to say, we had to adapt this slightly!  I found a gluten-free, sugar-free recipe for lemon lime coconut cupcakes here and actually followed it mostly to the letter.  So here’s what ours ended up like.

  2016-01-29 'Goodness' coconut citrus cakes

Not too far off the original!  The recipe said it would make 8 cupcakes, so we made 4 mini-cakes and ate one each.  I used a cake slicer that Henry had given me for Christmas and put some frosting in the middle – looking forward to being able to slice cakes easily in the future as well!  And they tasted great.  Nice and light and fluffy.  We didn’t have exactly the no-calorie sugar stuff it called for, but we did use some of the low calorie Truvia as a sugar substitute, so overall they were reasonably healthy.

Why they are called ‘goodness’ cupcakes?  Well, Abby said we were running out of cupcakes to put fruits of the Spirit, so that’s what these turned out to be.  It may be that because they were so light and fluffy you just want to do some good stuff after you eat them?  I don’t know – all I know is that we had lots of fun making them!

Until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!


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