I never used to like eating eggs.  In any form, apart from maybe being baked in some kind of cookie or cake.  But it’s amazing what growing up does to your taste buds.  And your inclination to eat a little ‘healthier’ throughout the day.

These recipes are typically known as breakfast foods, but I enjoy them for any and all meals throughout the day.  And another point to note is that ALL of these recipes are Whole30 compliant – win-win!

Bacon crusted pizza quiche

Bacon crusted quiche

Breakfast taco with jicama tortillas

Breakfast tacos with jicama tortillas


Egg muffins


Prosciutto potato frittata

Prosciutto asparagus potato frittata


Sweet potato toast, egg and avocado (Whole30)

Turmeric chia omelettata

Veggie omelette


Butternut squash crusted quiche

Butternut squash crusted quiche

Sweet potato crusted quiche

Crustless ham and veggie quiche (Whole30)