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This is the experiment you’ve all been waiting for … the battle of the monster cookie recipes!  Since I found these two recipes, I’ve been wanting to try them out, but since Australian M&Ms contain gluten, I’ve had to wait until I went to North America again to do this.  And then I had the issues with the Canadian gluten-free all-purpose flour blend last week, so now that I’m making my own flour blend, AND I can get gluten-free M&M’s (peanut butter at that), and I had the perfect opportunity to give away the finished product to a great number of people, rather than eating it all myself, I can now let you know the results.

Recipe contender #1: From Sally’s Baking Addiction (recipe here) – Soft-baked monster cookies.

Monster cookie Sally

Soft and chewy, one taster said it was like a shortbread cookie, and they turned out a little ‘puffy’, but no one really seemed to mind that!

Recipe contender #2: From Dessert for Two (recipe here) – 1 dozen monster cookies.

Monster cookie dessert 4 2

These were called the ‘flat’ cookies because they spread so much in the oven.  Sally’s recipe called for chilling of the dough prior to baking, this one didn’t.  I wonder if I had chilled this recipe whether they would have turned out ‘puffy’ as well.

And the results were … (drum-roll):

Out of the 16 taste testers, the result was split.  Some people liked the crunchy texture of the flat ones, others liked the soft and chewiness of the others. 

Me personally, I liked both of them equally, but I can’t go past my standard recipe (here)

Feel free to try all these recipes out for yourself and let me know how you go!  I’d love to hear from you (hint, hint!!)

Until next time, enjoy baking at home (or wherever you are!)


Monster cookies
Monster cookies

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