A few weeks ago, Grant and I were in our local grocery store and saw some Spanish chorizo sausage.  One of our favorite snacks many years ago was cheese, crackers and chorizo.  So we thought we’d have a night where we would have this in front of the TV (for Friday night family time!).  I started thinking about other snacks we could have, like carrots, celery, cucumber … and realized they all started with the letter ‘C’.  So we continued the theme and had some chicken nuggets, corn dogs, chocolate, cookies and watched Cats and Dogs.  It was our ‘C’ night.

I thought it was just going to be a one-off thing, you know, that special night that the kids look back on in the future.  The very next day, Henry wrote on our white board where we put up what meals we’re having for the the week, ‘P’ night.  So we started thinking about what we could eat.  And came up with a VERY long list.  I looked at the list and they were all really good sounding meals.  So we made it into a ‘P’ week.

It was a long week of preparing many meals, but it was lots of fun.  Some things we made, which aren’t shown above, were pancakes (my pancakes were terrible, the kids worked out really well) and a potato/shepherd’s pie … that one ended up on the floor while I was trying to multitask.

Oh, and we watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

See below for links to recipes:

So it was fun … but then Abby wanted a ‘D’ night … what have I started!

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed the adventures.  Until next time, enjoy cooking at home!