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‘Love’ red velvet cupcakes

Another in the series of the Fruits of the Spirit cupcakes.  This week’s installment – Love.  Well, it originally came from a red velvet cupcake winning entry on Cupcake Wars (obviously), but what else could this be, but love?  I found a recipe for gluten-free red velvet cupcakes (which was basically a normal recipe but […]

‘Holy is the Lord’ cupcakes

Another weekend.  Another batch of cupcakes.  This time it was my idea.  Based on the fact that the cereal I had specifically bought for Abby … she didn’t like.  This was a cereal that was gluten, dairy, nut and other allergen-free, with a lot less sugar than the normal cereals.  Abby said they tasted like […]

‘Ruth’ savory cornbread muffins

This week’s cupcakes were … interesting.  Abby’s idea was to have savory cornbread muffins, with a savory cream cheese frosting, again from one of the winning cupcakes on Cupcake Wars.  Yeah … it was a winner on there, but I don’t think we followed what they did quite close enough. The cornbread muffin was easy […]

‘Peace’ banana toffee cupcakes

Another in the series of Abby’s cupcakes.  Banana toffee cupcakes, with a peace symbol on top.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Well, we learnt a lot about toffee this weekend! We tried to make toffee ourselves.  Looking at recipes on the internet it looked pretty easy – mix equal portions of butter (or margarine) with sugar […]

‘Joy’ almond citrus cupcakes

Another weekend, and another batch of cupcakes, dreamed up by Abby, based on some concoction that did well in Cupcake Wars. So this week we made citrus almond cupcakes.  The cake recipe was based on my honey almond cake recipe (see here) that I’ve always had great success with.  We added in some orange zest, thanks […]

‘Let there be light’ cupcakes

It’s been a few weeks since my last ‘cooking with kids’ post, but rest assured we’ve been doing lots in the kitchen.  I just haven’t had the time to post either the blog, or the photos! Abby is still really keen on making cupcakes.  Basically turning most of my cake recipes into cupcakes.  And obviously […]

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