Red meat at its finest … feel free to peruse these main dishes using both beef, and lamb, in so many different ways!  Enjoy these beef and lamb dishes and feel free to comment on any recipe you try out!

Loco moco (Whole30)

Greek lamb burgers (Whole30)

Lomo saltado (Whole30)

Sloppy Joes

Chili con carne

Shepherd’s pie (Whole30)

Lamb and bacon casserole

Thai beef curry (Whole30)


Hearty beef soup (Whole30)

Beef, pecan and cranberry meat bars

Beef and pecan epic bar copycat (Whole30)

Bolognese sauce (Whole30)

Balsamic roast beef (Paleo, Recipe Swap Club)

Thai beef coconut curry (Whole30)

Irish stew (Paleo, Recipe Swap Club)

Stroganoff baked potatoes (Whole30)

Harvest vegetable beef stew (Whole30, Recipe Swap Club)