This weekend we hosted another FISH lunch (Fellowship in Someone’s Home).  We had an awesome family of four join us for lunch where we served turkey burgers (recipe here) and chicken sausages (bought from Costco), followed by lemon polenta cake (recipe here) and a banana custard pie.  Grant has been asking me to make a banana custard pie for ages, and I tried a few weeks ago and failed (read here) so was reluctant to try it again, but this pie was our Mummy-Abby time for the weekend, and we had great fun making it, which is all that matters really!  

2015-06-28 Banana custard pie

Nothing really exciting or difficult about the recipe, so I can’t direct you to a website or a page here so you can make it yourselves – sorry!  

I used leftover graham crackers from our adventurous camping trip (originally designed for s’mores), cut up a banana and then added a custard made from a packet mix we found at a local Latino market … not keen to try to make custard from scratch again after my last disastrous effort!  And I made it full of stuff I couldn’t eat – ‘normal’ graham crackers containing gluten and ‘normal’ milk in the custard containing lactose.  Just meant that I couldn’t eat it, but I have had quite enough of eating my baked goods recently … I made some sugar cookies (recipe here) and some peanut butter s’more cookies (recipe here) to take into work this week … and ate a lot of the dough while making them.  I did have some of the lemon polenta cake and that was very yummy, so all works out well in the end.

Our guests went home with full tummies, which was great, and we had some awesome conversations getting to know each other, which was even better – thanks Andrew and Cara!

Oh, and last weekend for Father’s Day, we did have Worms in the Mud (recipe here), but learnt a little about instant pudding mixes and non-dairy milk … we ended up making it with a Hershey’s white chocolate pudding and soy milk combination, with some non-dairy cool whip equivalent and non-dairy cream cheese equivalent.  Along with my yummy chocolate peanut butter cookies (recipe here) and it was one of the most awesome Worms in the Mud we’ve had.  Unfortunately I made it all by myself as Abby was having a baking-free weekend … but Grant enjoyed it and that’s what mattered most.

So, until next time, enjoy cooking at home … with kids!


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