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Cooking away from home

This website is called ‘Cook at home’, but my blog this week is titled ‘Cooking away from home’ … interesting! I am travelling.  Again.  But this time I am blessed to be staying with my in-laws and they have graciously allowed me to invade the kitchen when the baking craving hits.  And those of you […]

Valentine’s Day

So this weekend we got to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I made up a fancy menu for Grant and tried to cook the dishes he likes … obviously! Valentine’s Day started out with some home-made granola, just for Grant, as I still don’t have any gluten-free oats yet.  I used a different blend of fruit and […]

Bars, slices, cobblers and more

I had lots of time to play in the kitchen this weekend, as evidenced by the commentary below. And I’ve also started taking photos of everything I cook – I’m sure I’ll get better with lighting and arranging as I go through this process!  Any suggestions are welcome to make the photos (and this site) better – […]

Wk #1 February

So my wonderful husband (Grant) has helped with the web-site this week and set up ‘The Blog!’.  Here is where I think I’ll keep you all up to date with my adventures in the kitchen, what worked (and what failed).  Obviously, if a recipe was a success, it will go onto the main part of […]

Update – January 2014 #3

Peaches, peaches and more peaches.  Our backyard has two peach trees that have just started producing really yummy, really ripe peaches.  And the question was, what should I do with them?  I can find lots of recipes for peach crumbles, peach cobblers, etc, but wanted to branch out into using peaches more in the main […]

Update – January 2014 #2

I’ve had a bit more time at hand this month so I’ve been able to try and post more recipes.  All of these have worked absolutely fantastically  – I’m on a roll with successes at the moment! Check out these for some new ideas! Breakfast ideas:                 Pseudo-Bircher muesli Slices:                                   Rocky Road slice Cakes & other […]

Update – January 2014 #1

I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients for a lot of my ‘classic’ recipes: Aji de gallina – instead of using a whole loaf of gluten-free bread for the sauce, we’ve found that poaching the chicken in milk, then coating with aji amarillo paste and cream works just as well, and much easier!  Thanks to my […]

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